I was born and raised in South East London to Nigerian parents, but now reside in Nottingham where I decided to stay after graduating from university. So you can say that London raised me and Nottingham made me.


In an attempt to keep out of trouble, I started boxing. As an amateur I won two national titles and would go on to turn professional in 2017. Against the odds, I became the Boxxer III Middleweight Champion in 2019, defeating three opponents in one night. As of 2022 I’m ranked as the 10th best active Middleweight in the UK by the Boxing News after just 11 professional bouts, so there is a lot more to come.


I’m extremely passionate about empowering the youth to maximise their potential and achieve their goals, I regularly engage in various work with young people through an organisation I started called ‘Aspire’. I am a proud father, husband and a devout Christian who regularly attends church and was ordained as a Youth Pastor at God’s Vineyard Church, Nottingham in 2018. This is where the nickname ‘The Punching Preacher’ was born from.


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